Inside\Within is a constantly updating web archive devoted to physically exploring the creative spaces of Chicago's emerging and established artists.

Support for this project was provided by The Propeller Fund, a joint administrated grant from Threewalls and Gallery 400 at The University of Illinois at Chicago.

Inside\Within is produced in Chicago, IL.

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Inside\Within is a constantly updating web archive devoted to physically exploring the creative spaces of Chicago's emerging and established artists.

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Marc’s practice deals in archives, excavating the contents of those found both in public libraries and the basement collections of acquaintances’ homes. His interest in private collections comes from the meticulous obsession that informs an individual’s collecting, and the knowledge attached to patient research rather than classical training. For our interview we met Marc at the Harold Washington Library, where he invited us to explore how he examines the public resource’s vintage newspaper microfilm, obscure periodicals, and rotating displays in order to gather content for his ever-growing publication series.

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Udita uses her body as a conduit to tell the many stories that travel through it, working with textile, drawing, and performance to express narratives encountered within. Trained in Vipassana meditation, her work has a quiet patience. For her current untitled project, Udita delicately harvests gold thread woven into a collection of frayed and discarded saris, repurposing the removed material as handmade rope. Like this project, many of her works address grief, Udita teaching her hands to lose each textile they actively deconstruct.

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Ellen works from a studio inside of her apartment, surrounded by thread, fake flowers, and costumes made both for herself and other artists. Through staged acts she embodies decorative symbols and innocent icons, taking the form of a flower, bunny, or baby in order to highlight topics such as sexism and sexual objectification through stand-up comedy and strip routines. Interested in ornamentation and its potential for aggression, Ellen also produces sculptural work that is highly decorative, forming embroidered banners with complicated motifs and pom poms that aim to destroy corporate architecture.

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Entering into Aaron’s studio you immediately encounter several projects in different states of decay—loaves of white bread transforming into gruesome piles of sludge, and past-due bologna twirling above your head while other slices discolor the walls. Originally focused on video, his practice is more concerned with the process behind each of his pieces rather than their final image. Aaron closely follows how his work lives, rots, and dies, utilizing the mediums of sculpture, photography, or one-off performances which follow his destruction of a love seat within the context of an improvised death metal show.

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