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Chad Kouri's Unique Multiples


Chad Kouri's Unique Multiples

Chad Kouri's Unique Multiples

Chad’s studio shares the same space as The Post Family, a studio he co-founded that encompasses projects ranging from curatorial to woodworking. His personal practice is one that has stemmed out of his design background, collages imitating the same principals as jazz. Chad’s process involves carefully selecting the right composition of specified shapes and colors, rearranging their display over and over to create simple, yet eye-catching arrangements.

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Once obsessed with limiting the connections between his paintings and graphic design, Cody has recently migrated to an acceptance of their related imagery, allowing his painting to become more planned. Cody continues to produce graphic design work for his company Struggle Inc., while also focusing further into the overlapping influence of cut paper collages within his large metal sculptures and paintings.

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