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Nazafarin has always been interested in the horizon and what lays just beyond its perceived edge. After exploring the subject conceptually with painting, she has moved her interest to sculpture, exploring horizon and landscape physically through her work with paper maché molds. Her hollow works reveal deep interiors that she imagines could be lived in and used, rather than just serve as objects to be observed. Nazafarin develops these interiors just as much as the sculptures’ exterior surfaces, using the inner cavity to think about both the inner body and core of the earth.

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With a start in community-based murals and mosaics, Juan gradually became more curious about what he could get away with publicly and started to produce bigger and bolder assemblages from items found on the street. Although now his works are often found in galleries and institutions, Juan is still in touch with his roots, continuing to incorporate found objects into his large-scale wooden sculptures that explore resourcefulness and adaptation.

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Victoria makes physical and metaphorical marks on the communities around her, engaging with local students while creating outdoor sculptures she places in environments with strong nostalgic ties. Existing in a nomadic work state, Victoria’s studio is wherever she is currently making work, producing soft sculptures and tapestry-like pieces in the gallery or urban environment in which they will live. To build her pieces Victoria collects scraps and abandoned materials found in the neighborhood she is producing work, scavenging for materials in local thrift stores and alleys.

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Soo Shin: Reflecting the Inner Void


Soo Shin: Reflecting the Inner Void

Soo Shin: Reflecting the Inner Void

Soo builds sculptures from found pieces of wood and metal, the natural wear of the discarded objects creating an approachability for the viewer. Pointing towards the inseparable nature of struggle and faith, Soo’s pieces often have a slight reflective quality, allowing one’s body to complete the sculpture as they stare at themselves through the dark, resin-coated abyss.

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