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Giving equal thought to both the front and back of the canvas, Zoe has reclassified the sides of her work as “recto” and “verso.” This strategic retitling allows Zoe to democratize the way she views, speaks, and applies paint to the surface of the canvas, attempting to destabilize the hierarchy between front and back. Zoe slices holes into the canvas to expose its inner structure, leaving these open spaces as pauses or portals into more loaded psychological spaces.

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Working equally between painting, print-making, and blogging, David produces content inspired by Youtube comments and the week’s current topics of obsession. Trained in painting, he adds elements of craft onto his large canvases, subtly layering felt, googly eyes and glitter as collaged additions. Often generating dark subject matter on his own, Leggett also turns to his blog for viewer requests which can take his drawings and stamped images into even darker dimensions.

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Focused on sigils, Elijah turned his drawings into portable ritual spaces, a way to propel his images on paper into real space. His history of experimental rituals now informs his large, drop cloth paintings, charging them through the act of making each work. Focusing on a specific group of symbols at a time, Elijah allows them to fall out naturally as desires and worries emerge or evolve.

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Ryan’s detailed drawings incorporate graphite, rubbings, and personal histories obscured through cartoon figures and geometric explosions. Suburban life is just one of his many influences, as he attempts to twist mundane activities into graphic fantasies. Ryan also curates massive exhibitions, his latest show bringing together over 100 works from artists across the country.

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Richard Hull's Elliptic Silhouettes


Richard Hull's Elliptic Silhouettes

Richard Hull's Elliptic Silhouettes

Richard’s studio is in the front room of his home where you must walk past several of his crayon drawings before you enter his private space. Working in both crayon and oil, Richard creates looping works that evoke the sense of a dividing cellular organism, tricking the eye as to what is the interior or exterior of each shape. Richard’s titles are often inspired by poems, the title exposing the interiority of his thought process during the work’s creation.

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Vincent is an artist, curator, and director, balancing all three in his third floor gallery/apartment/studio in Wicker Park. Although Vincent’s own practice took a back seat to LVL3 in the past, a recent jewelry inspiration draws his focus back to the studio.

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