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Kelly Kaczynski’s Mutable Stage


Kelly Kaczynski’s Mutable Stage

Kelly Kaczynski’s Mutable Stage

Kelly has previously produced large-scale installations, focusing on the stage as a site of inclusive narrative-building through works produced for the University of Buffalo Art Gallery and the Hyde Park Art Center. Kelly’s adopted roll of director turned her focus inward to the studio, observing the choreography associated with the performance of making. Recently Kelly has begun to deconstruct the stage by letting its objectness inform her work—obscuring its shape through video, and building upon its form through print.

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Currently working in miniature and large-scale, Susan builds replicas of buildings to explore how we yearn to own and manipulate the structures we visit as tourists. Fascinated by aerial views, Susan’s latest project involves building four of the world’s tallest observation towers, exploring their function as both a tourist object and a way for modern cities to aggressively expose their technological progress.

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