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Layers permeate each aspect of Jordan’s practice, collages produced in resin, flatbed scans, and on video. Currently producing work created on flatbed scanners, Jordan prints, cuts, and layers back in elements that include photographs, paint, and imagery from books. Moving these pieces around on the scanner, he attempts to finds the perfect composition, often reworking original source material until the audience is unable to tell which elements are scanned, photographed or painted.

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Located within her home, Meg’s studio travels to any room that fits her current need, covering an upstairs wall with details from her upcoming film while filling another with suitcases that carry the rubble of past works. After optioning the rights to James Agee’s 1947 script “The Tramp’s New World,” Meg has begun to explore the new roles the project has provided, creating performance through her position as director, and becoming comfortable within the new territory laid out as filmmaker.

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