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Working equally between painting, print-making, and blogging, David produces content inspired by Youtube comments and the week’s current topics of obsession. Trained in painting, he adds elements of craft onto his large canvases, subtly layering felt, googly eyes and glitter as collaged additions. Often generating dark subject matter on his own, Leggett also turns to his blog for viewer requests which can take his drawings and stamped images into even darker dimensions.

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Victoria makes physical and metaphorical marks on the communities around her, engaging with local students while creating outdoor sculptures she places in environments with strong nostalgic ties. Existing in a nomadic work state, Victoria’s studio is wherever she is currently making work, producing soft sculptures and tapestry-like pieces in the gallery or urban environment in which they will live. To build her pieces Victoria collects scraps and abandoned materials found in the neighborhood she is producing work, scavenging for materials in local thrift stores and alleys.

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Wyatt Grant's Works on Stage


Wyatt Grant's Works on Stage

Wyatt Grant's Works on Stage

Wyatt paints beams of light onto his darkened landscapes, their presence often growing to act more as characters to the narrative rather than visual attributes. Previously focused on printmaking, Wyatt harnesses the practice’s devices and methodologies to create layered scenes akin to juvenile sets, his cut-out and painted figures taking on the appearance of props on a stage.

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