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Zachary’s studio is one of many sites that has housed the USSA, a series started in 2009 that imagines our society as controlled by a Soviet regime. Through several interrelated projects he has examined the nation’s infrastructure, creating a orphanage, wellness center, and most recently a state church titled the Assembly. Inspired by Marvel comics, Zachary has formed a tetrad of alien gods that serve as the base of the religion, reimagining the letters U, S, S, A as a message from another planet rather than the title of a communist public.

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Recently moving his studio into Mana Contemporary, Brandon has created a 13-foot installation that serves as an artist’s self-portrait— a snapshot into his own practice through his performance within the work. Although the floor of his studio was installed against the wall, the inverted studio still acts as a functional space in which he produces work.

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Transitioning between several mediums, Michael applies the same method of parameters and permutations to both his sound-based and visual pieces. Applying an attentive eye to the studio allows Michael to transfer the same practice to real life, in turn bringing small, everyday inspirations from the street back to his drawings and textile works.

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