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Working equally between painting, print-making, and blogging, David produces content inspired by Youtube comments and the week’s current topics of obsession. Trained in painting, he adds elements of craft onto his large canvases, subtly layering felt, googly eyes and glitter as collaged additions. Often generating dark subject matter on his own, Leggett also turns to his blog for viewer requests which can take his drawings and stamped images into even darker dimensions.

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Christopher Meerdo's Absent Image


Christopher Meerdo's Absent Image

Christopher Meerdo's Absent Image

Chris’s studio is interrupted by a large reflective orb, a sculpture that exists as both present and absent. Absence is often an area of interest for Chris—mining images that have been purposefully deleted or encrypted. Through this digital ritual Chris explores the corruption and failures that surface through bringing back an image that has already been lost.

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